The Hybrid

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The Hybrid Short Reed Goose Call

The Hybrid as the name implies is the fusion of the PCS barrel, and Powerhouse insert. Assembled in an easy to operate package with remarkable speed and controllability, the Hybrid has a complete tonal range to match any hunting situation. Quickly becoming a favorite of both contest callers and veteran hunters alike.

GVCC Hybrid Goose Call Features:

  • Hit Trick Notes Easy
  • Compact Call
  • Most Versatile Canada Goose Call
  • Great Speed & Responsiveness
  • Naturally deep goosey sound

Acrylic Goose Calls

Gander Valley Custom Calls are designed to deliver under the toughest conditions. Our calls are field proven by professional waterfowl guides and hardcore hunters world-wide. Our Goose calls are designed to duplicate the complete vocabulary of Canada Geese while maintaining tonal integrity and pitch. From light setups for beginners and layout hunts to the rigid setups for competition callers that require more finesse to operate. The call you receive is a stylish and durable instrument that will spit feathers from the highest highs right down to the most fundamental and realistic meat sounds.

Innovation In Design

To fool ducks or geese you need to replicate the way they sound. We strive to produce the most realistic calls on the market. Making the call user friendly in the toughest conditions is just as important. I am a full time guide and have been for wife is a design engineer and this was a perfect match to start the business. GVCC sought out help from other guides and outfitters across the world as well as contest callers and the average Joe. We believe to be the best you have to use the best and that is why we started GVCC. Your success is our success, it means the world to have our calls used on your hunts. All Gander Valley Custom Calls are MADE IN THE USA!


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    Great all around call.

    Posted by Jared T. on Jun 21st 2019

    The hybrid is my go-to Canda goose call from GVCC. Never lets me down.